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OMFG! Silent my Ass!!

*Slight Spoilers for anyone wanting to play Silent Hill 4*
(Fuck the lj-cut!)

Arrgghh! I love the Silent Hill series, I do..I don't care what anyone says but I think it is sooo much better than Resident Evil...It's smart and scary.. and creepy on all levels... and emotional... Hello? Lisa..Alessa..James...doesn't get any sadder than that.. Or Heather on her return home in SH3.. that's just sad, man... nothing like that in RE.. (Unless you consider Ada Wongs "death" or Brads death emotional..I think not.. that bastard had it coming.. and we all know that Ada never died.. ) ...

Anyways!! (getting carried away)..Im about 3 hours into SH4...probably about +/-2 hours left in the game.. Im returning to all of the previous places I went to before.. haunted by these ghost things that keep fucking touching me!! ..Im so low on health and I hardly have any health items..and Im afraid to go back to my apartment.. because it's starting to get possessed and Im running out of holy candles..and all my medallions broke!!..And the most creepy thing that scared the living shit out of me..is that some guy (who I just found out recently who it is) in a leather coat is fucking stalking me and shooting at me!! I can't get away from him.! I turn around, there he is! fucking shooting at me!!..and I can't run away fast enough because I have some stupid limping, arm-in-a-cast, bitch who can't run worth shit!..Funny thing though.. while this fucker in a leather coat is laughing his ass off shooting at me.. this chick is hitting him with her purse.. funny as hell!! I'd be laughing if I wasnt so pissed off and scared shitless at the same time!!..

I seriously don't think Id be able to finish this game.. it's pissing me off waaaay too much.. and creeping me out at the same time.. maybe I'll start over and try to collect all the stuff I need and go slow...so I can be better prepared for the 2nd half...but right now.. I can't play it anymore.. it's too much.. but at the same time.. I neeeeed to fucking know whats going on!! Too many questions!! How can a little boy and a grown up man be the same fucking person!!?!?! Its the 11121 man!! Arrggghhh!! its waaayy tooo good of a game to ignore for long.. but im waaay too angry at it now.. bllaaaah.. *passes out* =____=;;;

Oh yeah...

...Happy Fucking New Year!

Let's try not to screw this year any more than the last one...
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