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"Don't go...Don't go where I can't follow..."

I'm sure you've heard this from about every other student within the past week, so I'll spare the theatrics but...

I am finished with my finals and all my classes till late January...It wasn't my favorite semester, but it went by fast and I think I had it somewhat easy..being a procrastinator didn't help though...'Course, now I'm worried about my grades...Sure, I did a decent job in most of my work.. got a few A's on some papers and assignments.. but a few classes I'm worried about..I'm on the borderline and my finals wern't really my best work...It also didn't help that I half-assed almost everything I got put in front of me.. No one to blame but myself..and maybe I'm just working myself up over nothing...We'll see...(I really really really really don't want to take French again... -.-;;)

The good thing was that I had this whole week off from work to study...and to catch up on my sleep and just be lazy...Tonight I was suppose to go back to work..but I only had an on-call shift.. and it seems they don't need me tonight..Tomorrow Im also on an on-call shift..I'm starting to worry that they're slowly taking me off the schedule, like they don't need me or something...waiting for me to quit..But I've been told our numbers are bad and thus hours need to be cut...I've been told that I'm a permanent staffer..that I'm sure I'll be getting hours next week and after they get rid of all the holiday temps.. Again, I could be getting worried over nothing...and I should cherish the time off during the holidy season as much as I can.. (This time last year I was working 40 hour weeks and getting sick) ..so I guess I'm lucky.. besides..come January, hours or no hours.. I'll probably still look into another job...I've said it before..I'll say it again... I'm not getting paid enough to give a shit about my job... end of story.

So..I told myself "If I'm not going to work tonight I'm going to... [ Insert List ]"..But now I feel like being lazy..no surprise there...But I will do my chores..I swear..Chores which includes wrapping a few gifts here and there...We got a christmas tree a few days ago..and it looks nice.. smells nice too..I think thats what I like the most about x-mas time is the smell of the christmas tree...I also like camping in the forests.. so maybe it's just trees in general that I like.. I dunno... but every year, our x-mas trees always look so pretty..it's heartwarming almost...I think the more time I have off, the more happy i'm getting about christmas..with school and shopping done..and work forgetting to schedule me...I can relax and enjoy it more.. then again..I'm alone.. so, it also makes me feel lonely too...Blah..oh well.. I'm used to it.. I have myself to keep myself company.. lol

Im working on guidelines for a competition that will be showing it's face here sometime in the future...don't know when I'll get it all sort out, cuz I'm a big stickler for details and perfection...but trust that I have not started yet..and have no fucking clue what it's going to be about...I want to make it a real challange, but easy enough to do in a few sittings..after some brainstorming and several rough drafts...*grins*

In a somewhat related topic (Like you know what I'm talking about in the first place)...Anatomy of Paradise is now online and open for anyone to read...in case no one knows.. its a thriller short story with extreme gore and a freaky, yet confusing ending...It screams "Silent Hill meets Silence of the Lambs".. so..there ya go...

Is that it?.. Am I done?.. Can I go now..?
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