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...But why is the rum gone?!

Omg! It's Sunday night already?! Where the fuck did my weekend go? ... I only have about ..3 1/2 weeks left of class..and I'm soooo not prepared for finals...but I am so ready for winter break.. lol

..I had a mandatory store meeting this morning.....-.-;; .... It was pretty much just further proof that my management staff truly believe that they are higher than everyone else in the store.. they think they know everything and exactly how to do every task, just because they've spent more x-mas' at Aero than any other staff member...For some people, Today was their first day of work..because we hired a shit load of people for seasonal...and I can already tell who's gonna be a kiss ass...I'm working the night before and the morning after Thanksgiving... same as last year...I think the mall and the whole commercialized bullshit has totally ruined my holiday enjoyment...I'm a total scrooge now because I let really stupid people piss me off.. leaving no time to enjoy the whole holiday cheer...

I need to write something... not an essay or a ramble like this... but really truly write something...which would consist of using the creative part of my mind...I was thinking of writing a sequel to Sinners & Saints... or even start a new short story thats been stirring in my mind for a good year or so now...But recently, I've had my SB Chronicles on my mind more hours than I've slept... I think I was...shall we say... enlightened??..

Mmm..nachos are yummy...

But I'm really looking forward to turkey on Thursday.. and the mashed potatoes.. and the yams.. and the pie... Mmmmm...piiieeee... ^^

Grrr.. I still have homework to do... and stuff to study for...I'm such a procrastinator that it drives me insane sometimes...I wonder why I torture myself so much...::shurgs::

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