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Note to Future Self:

Never drive anywhere when you're angry/upset. You'll only go too fast for your own good and most likely get in an accident/ticket. And you won't be able to hear any honking horns because you'll have angry rock music blasting as loud as you can because you'll think you are such a badass cutting people off and speeding by them and whatnot. You'll also not want to go to your destination right away because driving soothes you in a sick and twisted way. You'll find yourself taking the long route, missing turns, or making a lot of U-turns. You are, afterall, driving 60-65 mph in a 40-45 mph zone, so you'll have to make up space with extra road time. Don't worry, I understand exactly how you feel and I'll be here to remind you when this comes up again because we both know this will be a current theme in our lives. I apologize in advance for setting up your future downfall.

Your Present Self.

Ps. You'll probably waste a shit load of gas doing this, so it's better next time if you just stay home.
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