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Holy Crap, I'm alive...

Yeah.. it's been a while..
..I've been busy with school, work, and my social life that I haven't really had the time, or the news to update..

As I type this, I'm actually procrastinating and putting off a 6-page paper and a midterm to study for.. I only have myself to blame..

Besides being extremely busy with work and school...
..I guess I'm what society calls "taken" ..
As in...no longer single..It's a very different feeling.. a lot better than the way I've felt the passed few years, thats for sure..

And thats my news... now.. a survey aka, list of useless information!!

*Time started: 10:10pm ..Make a wish!!
*Name: Amy
*Nickname: Ams, Amers
*Single or Taken: Taken..
*Sex: Female..
*Birthday: 8-9-84
*Sign: Leo
*Siblings: Older sister..
*Hair colour: Brown
*Eye colour: Brown
*Shoe size: 8 1/2- 9
*Height: 5'10"
*Innie or Outie: Innie
*What are you wearing right now: gray cotton pants, black cami, big gray sweatshirt
*Where do you live: San Jose..
*Righty or lefty: Lefty..

*Who are your closest friends?: Brian.. I feel like I can tell him anything and he won't judge me..
*Do you have a bf or gf?: *nods*
*Best place to go for a date: Anywhere..

~Fashion Stuff~
*Where is your fav place to shop: The more I work at the mall...the more I hate it..
*Do you have any tattoos or piercings?: two in each ear..

*Color: Black, blue, ..dark colors..
*Number(s): 1115, 11121, 666, 21121
*Food: Chinese, Italian
*Boys name: Sabastian, Damian, James, Quinn
*Girls name: Cassandra, Constance, Eve
*Subject in school: Drama, World Literature, History
*Animal: dragons, wolves, do gargoyles count too?
*Drink: Tea..coffee...im a caffeine fiend
*Celebrity: Johnny Depp, Gerard Butler,
*Sport: baseball
*Veggie: broccoli
*Fruit: raspberry,,bananas..oranges.. apples
*Fast food place: *shrugs*.. I can go anywhere really..
*Place to visit: anywhere but the mall..unless im already there..
*Month: Winter/rainy months..
*Juice: white grape/cherry
*Finger: index..
*Ice Cream: mint cookies 'n' cream
*Breakfast: french toast..
*Perfume/Cologne: I looooove guys cologne.. anything musky and strong.. but not overpowering.. sooo sexy..
*Favorite cartoon character: Robin.. lol

Have You Ever
*Given anyone a bath: Nope
*Smoked: Not really. .no..
*Bungee jumped: No..
*Broken the law: not that I know of..
*Made yourself throw-up: only because I felt so sick as it was..
*Gone skinny dipping: nope..
*Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: Nope..
*Eaten a dog biscuit: nope..
*Put your tongue on a frozen pole: Does that metal thing in the freezer count?
*Loved someone that made you cry?: Yeah..
*Played truth or dare: Yeah
*Been in a physical fight: kinda..
*Been in a police car: Nope
*Been on a plane: Yep..
*Been in a sauna: Nope..
*Been in a hot tub: I have one... so yeah..
*Swam in the ocean: Think so..
*Fallen asleep in school: yeah..
*Ever had a sex dream: Oh yeah..
*Broken someone's heart: Not that I know of..
*Cried when someone died: yeah..
*Flashed someone: Yep..
*Lied: nothing big..
*Laughed so hard you fell out of you chair: Ive laughed so hard Ive cried.. but never fell out of a chair..
*Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: A few times..
*Saved e-mails: Yeah..
*Wished you were someone else: yeah..
*Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: thought about it.. never really wished it..
*Made out with JUST a friend?: no..
*Been rejected?: Yes.. many..many times..
*Been in love?: Don't know yet...
*Used someone: Probably..
*Been cheated on?: Yep..
*Done something you regret?: yeah..

First Thing That Comes to Mind
*Red: blood
*Blue: sea
*Happy: love
*Autumn: Sapp.. lol
*Greenland: far far away..

*Your good luck charm: My ankh necklace..
*Stupidest thing you have ever done: Told a "yo mamma" joke.. to someone who just lost their mother...I'll never forget that..
*Your most prized possession: my writings.. my ankh..my High school class ring.. my computer..my friends..
*Last thing you ate: jerkey..
*Fave song: "Hand that feeds" ..
*Thing that has happened to you this year: become a whole lot happier..

Have You Ever Had
*Chicken pox: yep
*Sore Throat: yep
*Cold: yeah
*Stitches: No..
*Bloody nose: yeah..
*Crabs: ...dear god I hope not..

Do you...
*Believe in love at first sight: Not really..
*Enjoy parks: yeah
*Like picnics: Ummm.. sure..
*Like school: sorta..
*What schools have you gone to: Fairlands Elementary, Harvest Park Middle School, Amador Valley High School, San Jose State University...
*Who is the last person that called you: Derek..
*Makes you laugh the most: Brian and Derek.. and Ryan at work..man he's hilarious.
*Makes you smile: A lot of people.. its not hard to make me smile..
*Can make you feel better no matter what: lot of people..
*Was the last person you touched?: Melissa..because I live with her..
*You talked to last: Melissa..again.. cuz she lives with me..
*You hugged?: Ryan.. lol..
*Massaged: Derek..
*Is the last person you yelled at: Havent really yelled at anyone lately..

Do You/Are You...
*Do you like yourself: at times..
*Do you get along with your family: yeah
*Do you do drugs: Nope..
*Color your hair?: Yeah..
*Do you like peircings below the waist?: not really.. no..
*Habla espanol?: Quoi?.. Je ne parle pas espanol, Je parle francais et anglais, merci beacoup!!
*Stolen anything ever?: im sure I have..
*Obsessive: yep..over certain things,,
*Compulsive: *shrugs* dunno..
*Anorexic: nope..
*Depressed?: not now..
*Suicidal?: nope..

Final Questions
Who Likes Guys Fill Out (for girls or gays ONLY)
*Boxers or briefs: boxers..
*Older, younger, same age: Older.. but not by too much..
*Tall or short: Tall..
*Good or bad guy: I like a little of both..
*Ear peirced or not: doesnt matter..
*Stubble or neatly shaved: either is fine..
*Studley or cute: cute..
*Dark or blonde hair: Dark..
*Curly or straight hair: doesnt matter..
*Dark or light eyes: As long as theyre kind..
*Hat or no hat: No hat..
*Long or short hair: doesnt matter..
*Tan or fair: doesnt matter..
*What do you notice first about guys: Eyes, smile,
*Shy or outgoing: someone who could be both..
*Six pack: doesnt matter..
*Muscular arms: Mmm..very nice..the better to hold me with..
*What do you like the most in a guy: ability to make me smile and feel loved..

Who likes girls fill out (for boys or lesbians ONLY)
*Regular underwear or thong:
*Painted nails or not:
*Older, younger, same age:
*Bra or sports bra:
*Cute and mysterious or wild and sexy:
*Dressy or casual:
*Dark or blonde hair:
*Long or short hair:
*Curly or straight hair:
*Dark or light eyes: l
*Long or short nails:
*Hat or no hat:
*Good or bad girl:
*Hair up or down:
*Jewelery or none:
*Tall or short:
*Pants or dress:
*Tan or fair:
*Freckles or none:
*What do you notice first about girls:
*Shy or outgoing:
*What do you like the most in a girl:

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