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Poetry Alert!

I've been writing poetry for class during the past few weeks... well.. I just wrote my last poem.. and I thought I'd share all (but one) of my pathetic attempts at poetry...And if anyone knows me just a little well.. probably knows that these aren't the most happiest of poems.. no fuzzy bunnies or daisies here, folks.. I mean.. shit man.. three of them are about death and/or a graveyard.. Well... enjoy!

"Graveyards" - Ghazal Poem.

Meaningless names and nameless faces lie side by side,
The difference of a decade and a century are only one grave apart.

Life begins and ends like the rough edges of a cobblestone street,
With no signs in sight, we become lost within the maze.

Swiming beneath the smooth blue moon, soaring above the forest mist,
Whispers of a lost soul seek to find a resting place.

Roars and screams from the depths of stone echo loudly,
How can a place filled with so many people be painstakingly silent?

"Nirvana, Next Exit" - Image Poem.

A man-made horse of steel
webs of metal, rolls of rubber, waves of cloth
becomes alive- Roaring,
screeching with a turn and a push.

Meditating stillness encased within,
speeding through the already
"too fast-have to go- meet my date-
don't go slow- can't be late-"

Fast food left-overs linger,
and stale miniature pines sway
all swept out by the rain-soaked
wind outside.

The mind in complete serenity.
the soul becomes at ease.
the heart, beats steady in rhythm to
the bass- vibrating throughout
the shrine- the driver searching for
the zenith.

Faster the speed, sooner comes
nirvana- melting away any past
angers, regrets, sins- leaving behind
a perfect harmony.

In a place where rubber hungers road,
the foot to the floor, chasing
dawn, blurring into the

"A Heartfelt Plea" - Love Poem.

O treacherous heart!
Be still.
Cease this suffering-
this eternal coil of woe,
this rapid beating
forever burning with rage.

O bittersweet heart!
Be calm.
mend these layers
of wounded flesh,
these graves
of utter sorrow leaking
crimson tears.

O lamenting heart!
Be free.
release the binds,
the chains, that pierce,
that hinders,
the raw emotion echoing
the essence of truth and allow

me to love.

"Soulless Creatures" - Character Poem.

Lurking through the misty night- voices
rumbling like approaching thunder
calling to their neighbors
lighting torches with fiery intentions.

They come.

"Murderer!" they yell,
"Soulless demon!" call me.

Rising from the depths of the shadows- darkness
seeking light in form of flesh,
ending life to renew my own.
setting ablaze my frigid heart with liquid passion.

I wait.

No different than you am I,
No more sinner than you a saint.
Where we meet, innocence is
non-existent, like the Devil
charging at evil's door.

We soulless creatures, all.

"Forever Nevermore" - Allusion Poem.

Mortals gifted with eternal
life, Gods' immortal kiss.

The written word remembered yet
the bodies, dust, six feet below.

Graveyards echo perfect sonnets
muse their deep philosophies.

Every perfect page, a stony slab
every famous name, a silent epitaph.

From every Yorick to Lenore, lost,
buried among their ancestry collections.

That raven, too, no longer
singing his melancholy tune.

Gods' immortal kiss grace us
their mortal message

immortally remembered
forever nevermore.

"Death and I" - Pattern Verse Poem.

This is the moment before I die
Forever burning within Hell's fire
With no one here but death and I

Looking back wondering why
painful flames consumes me entire
This is the moment before I die

The loved ones I thought, I could rely
added the fuel, the match - conspire
With no one here but death and I

No one can hear my words, my cry
Losing everything I once desire
This is the moment before I die

Only thorns of roses sting my eye
My ears hearing no angel's choir
With no one here but death and I

This fate which ails me, I cannot deny
As the mortal world I long to aspire
This is the moment before I die
With no one here but death and I

"Insanity Within Reality" - Dream-based/Surreal Poem.

Eyes - snapping open.
searching, seeking, seeing
only darkness spread across
the measureless void- shadow
merging with mysterious shadow.

Walls - pushing in.
bending, breaking, bleeding
closing off reality
welcoming insanity
through curious cracks.

Faces - drifting over.
wandering, waiting, watching
blurring into unknown
spirits of former selves with
mouths open yet speaking
silent soliloquies.

Hands - reaching out.
needing, neglecting, numbing
urging for touch of flesh
moving from insanity, slipping
into reality through small slits.

Hands - pulling back.
Faces - driving away.
Walls - bending straight.
Eyes- opening wide.

Awakening from this dream
within insanity
within reality.

- Night.
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