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The Guidelines...

- Major Theme: Open.

- Major Genre: Open.

- At least one main setting. There can be another setting, but all the major action must take place in this main setting (A room, a lobby, a graveyard, a church, etc, etc...).

- No less than 3 characters, no more than 5; 4 would be preferable.

- Length is open, as long as it fulfils the elements of a short story (intro, climax, conclusion).

- At least one element of a metaphorical symbol (Rose = Love, Dove = Peace, Water = Purity, Book = escape from reality, etc, etc...).

Both stories will be posted on both Livejournals at (around) the same time for a fair judgment. Whoever feels the urge to judge these stories, the decision will be based on:

- Creativity.
- Originality.
- Organization.
- Flow.
- Spelling/Grammar.

There's no real deadline for the story, but before January 1st would be preferable. Extensions can be made due to other priorities (Work, family, etc, etc...).

-Any questions or comments, either E-mail me (XLadyAdiaX@Aol.com) or Garon (ScaryGaron@aol.com)...


I thought I'd make it more detailed, more restricted...but, fuck it...You're only cheating yourself... - Amy out.
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